When John A. Curtis founded Curtis Packing back in 1915, he pledged to provide Quality Meats and Dependable Service to our customers. Today, Curtis Packing Company continues his commitment to strength of character and integrity. Eighty-five years later, we are proud to distribute our products in seven southeastern states.

This means we still take care in choosing only the very best ingredients for the very best products—products we have been proud to stand by for over 85 years. Curtis delivers great value to our customers—consistently high-quality meat products year after year.

Our philosophy hasn't changed. "We will constantly strive for perfection in all of our products. We will work fully to understand the needs of our customers. We will keep the quality standards of our products, the jobs of our employees, and the systems that support the process our highest priorities."

Since those early days, our family has worked with loyal employees to continue John A. Curtis' commitment to quality and service. Thank you for being a customer.

The Curtis Family

Associations that Curtis Packing is proud to be a part of: American Meat Institute
National Hot Dog & Sausage Council